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Investing in Quality Community Services

Investing in Quality Community Services

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Planning and hosting a #cutshurt Morning Tea (or save our community services) morning tea or workplace meeting should is easy! download these handy resources to help make your day a success:

Use the Save the Date Flyer to advertise your event today

Print out the I support community services document and the Member pledge to get a photo op with your colleague

Upload your photo to our social media and your social media using the hashtag #cutshurt

Eg Members at xxxxx (insert workplace) support a vibrant community sector #cutshurt

Attend a member delegation or High Vis activity

Right now we are planning meetings with candidates in Petrie, Bonner and Herbert.

If you would like to be part of those delegations please contact Camille Furtado to find out more.

If you would like to organise your own delegation in your electorate download our MP engagement guide for everything you need to know

Find the details for  MPs and Senators here.

 History of Our Campaign:

Click on this infographic to see the makeup of our sector:

 IQCS Infographic

The Federal Government needs to re-invest in community services, not just find ‘savings’ in the community sector.

‘Savings’, mean reduced services and staff cuts, leaving vulnerable Australians out in the cold.

Take action today and sign the Pledge.

Investing in Quality Community Services Pledge

Members of The Services Union Support:

  • Reinvestment in community services by governments;
  • Ceasing competitive tendering for community services;
  • Not-for-profit organisations as the primary provider of community services;
  • Five-year funding cycles;
  • Women-led services for women and children who are victims of domestic violence;
  • Recognition and protection of specialised services (e.g. Aboriginal, Refugee, Women);
  • A fully funded NDIS that allows for wages and conditions which value workers and ensure quality of service and dignity for people with disabilities;
  • Fair pay and protected portable entitlements for community sector workers;
  • The development and implementation of standards through the ACCDP which can be
    supported legislatively; and
  • A partnership approach between the Government, the sector and its workforce representatives to address the needs and interests of the people they support and the local communities in which they work.

Download the infographic to share.

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