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Clubs are trying to cut penalty rates through the back door. But you can stop them!

Clubs are trying to cut penalty rates through the back door. But you can stop them!

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Don’t axe Penalty Rates!

Union members know that people who work hard on weekends so the rest of us can enjoy our time off do not deserve a pay cut.

The recent decision of the Fair Work Commission to cut penalty rates in the hospitality, retail and pharmacy awards exposes all workers across all industries to attempts by unscrupulous bosses to slash weekend rates.

It’s a slippery slope and we are drawing a line in the sand.

Queensland Clubs workers are currently on the frontline of the fight to protect weekend penalty rates.

On 3 May, the Clubs Association asked the Fair Work Commission to cut penalty rates for clubs workers by abolishing the Clubs Award. Many Queensland Clubs have told us they do not want to cut their staff’s weekend penalty rates. We need them to lock it in.

These clubs have a choice to make right now – whether they will support their workers to keep their weekend penalty rates, or whether they will cut weekend pay. These are pay cuts that clubs workers don’t deserve and can’t afford.

Union members are putting pressure on clubs to make the right decision – to support their workers and continue to pay current penalty rates regardless of what the Fair Work Commission decides. When clubs know that their members, customers and communities support weekend penalty rates, they have stated publicly that they won’t cut their staff’s penalty rates.

That’s why it’s important that union members, like you, ask your local clubs to back their staff and stand against cuts to penalty rates. We need union members, especially those who are members of clubs, to join the campaign to protect weekend pay by becoming a Weekend Warrior. Weekend Warriors who sign up at will receive a kit to go out to your local clubs and ask them to pledge support for their workers by agreeing to not cut penalty rates.

Join the campaign to protect penalty rates. Become a Weekend Warrior and find out where your local club stands by signing up at

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