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Your Super Your Future: HESTA Information Seminar for Young Workers

Your Super Your Future: HESTA Information Seminar for Young Workers

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There is a commonly held perception that young people don’t care about their superannuation. We hear that young people are more interested in buying smashed avo’ on sourdough and dishing out on expensive night outs rather than planning for their own future.

While it’s true that the priorities for young people focus more on the immediate future such as paying off debt and saving for a deposit on a home, young people want to know what they can do now to maximise the return on their superannuation savings. Act now so you don’t feel regret later!

Superannuation can be a very confusing product and people simply don’t know what they don’t know.

Do you know what the recent announcement in the Federal Budget means for first home owners and their ability to access part of their super for a deposit on a home?

Do you know that you may be getting ripped off if you have multiple super accounts that are all charging fees? You can consolidate all your different funds with HESTA now and have thousands more for when you stop working.

Do you know what type of insurance options your super provides? What will happen if you can’t work due to illness?

Don’t worry. All these questions and more will be answered at our super information seminar for young members. We’ve partnered with your industry superannuation fund, HESTA to offer tailor made solutions for young people. Make the right decisions now so you don’t feel regret in the future for not having made them at all.

Venue Queensland Council of Unions
Room Level 2, Room A + B
Address 16 Peel St. South Brisbane
Date Tuesday, 23 May 2017
Time 6pm – 7pm


Light refreshments will be provided. There is parking available at the rear of the building.

RSVP to by Friday, 19 May.

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