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Our Energy Footprint

Our Energy Footprint

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Our Union has launched the Our Energy Footprint Campaign, so our members can have direct input in to the future of the Energy Industry.

In the first phase of our Campaign, we have designed a postcard so that you – our members can be part of the dialogue we have with the  Palaszczuk Government.

Two key areas the Campaign targets are:

  • The planned Merger the Queensland Energy Industry. We will be seeking commitments from the Government that ensure our members are protected throughout the merger process. Make sure your colleagues are members so we can support and protect them too; and
  • The Energy Industry is evolving and we will be looking at the impacts and opportunities that may exist for employees as a result of the shift towards renewables (e.g. solar and battery storage technologies). The move towards renewables must include the Government investing directly in these new technologies. It must also include career transition opportunities (‘Just Transition’) for employees as renewable energy technologies come online in Queensland.

Download the Delegates Poster.


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Members of The Services Union Support:


  • Guaranteeing the voice of workers is part of this change to ensure a smooth transition during the merger;
  • A permanent workforce to be at the centre of service delivery;
  • Dedicated training and resources for employees to help identify clear career paths and progression opportunities;
  • A fair go for employees who face redeployment; and
  • Good wages and conditions including annual EA wage increases.


  • Investment in future technologies and growing our industry with ongoing government ownership; and
  • A partnership approach between the government, the industry and its workforce representatives to address the changing needs and interests of consumers and our communities.

I stand with The Services Union to be part of a Real Change and securing our Energy Industry for the future.

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Our Energy Footprint

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