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Taking The Steps To Keep Our Conditions

Taking The Steps To Keep Our Conditions

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14/2/2017: The Full Bench of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission heard final submissions for the Local Government Industry Award in December last year. We are awaiting the Full Benches decision on the Award. While an Agreement can not be made or certified until such time as the Award is made, discussions for bargaining can commence. Organisers have been meeting with Delegates and members to identify options like commencing discussions or paying an interim wage increase and starting discussions latter in the year. To see which Councils have paid interim wage increases of the past 2 years click here. Gold Coast City Council and Mackay Regional Council are just two of the Councils that have commenced discussions for a new Agreement.

Brisbane City Council had their Award made last year and have been in discussions for EBA9 for more information about these negotiations See our Industry News.


4 /8/2016: LGAQ application for a judicial review was listed for a directions hearing in the Supreme Court this morning. This is the application where the LGAQ want to stop the restoration of conditions that members of The Services Union and other Local Government Industry Unions have been campaigning to keep.

In the Supreme Court, Justice Applegarth has ordered that the LGAQ provide the particulars of the grounds upon which it contends that the Minister’s request has exceeded the Minister’s power by 9 August as their application had not included any particulars or grounds sustaining their contentions. Our Union is to provide our outline of submissions and evidence by 16 August.

The application will be heard on 19 August in Brisbane.

The Ministers Request still requires that the Award be modernised with your conditions restored by 31 August. See our Industry News for more details.

10/6/2016: The Honorable Grace Grace Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations has forwarded to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) the Variation Notice to the Award Modernisation Ministerial Request. Key points of interest to members can be viewed here.

The Award will operate from 31 August 2016.

Bargaining is unlikely to occur until latter in the year post the review of the Award.


14/3/2016 : His Honour, Justice Martin has delivered judgment on the Matter of a Proposed Queensland Local Government Industry Award – State 2015. A copy of which can be viewed here.

His Honour has determined that the State Government were able to demonstrate that the Full Bench erred in its determination of the requirements of the consolidated request, as a result, fell into error in the manner in which it proceeded to make the new Award. The Appeals have been allowed adn the Full Bench decision set aside and the matter is to be remitted to the Commission to beard and determined according to law.

This means that until an Award is made Agreements can not be certified.


CAMPAIGN OUTCOMES SO FAR: Which Councils Have Paid Interim Increases?

Members for many months have been actively Taking The Steps To Keep Your Conditions” with great success.

This has resulted in many Councils paying interim wage increases.The most notable post the Local Government Elections being Mackay Regional Council. Our Union applauds the steps taking by the newly elected Council in passing a motion for the payment of wages, long over due to their workforce.

Mackay Regional Council  pay two (2) administrative increase payments, of 1.5% for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 Financial Year, back paid.

Some Councils are also now taking the prudent step, following requests from Delegates, to make further interim wage increase while the Award is reviewed.

Goondiwindi Regional Council just announced 1.50% backdated from 23 August 2015  payable from pay week 27 June 2016 1 July 2016.

Logan City Council – interim wage increase of 1.85% payable from 1 July 2016.

Gympie Regional Council – interim wage increase of 1.50% from the first pay period.

Noosa Shire Council- interim wage increase of 2% from 1 July 2016.

Sunshine Coast Regional Council – interim wage increase of 1.7% from 1 July 2016.

Redland City Council just announced 1.70% payable from 1 July 2016.

Our Union has put together the wage percentage outcomes for Local Governments and Aboriginal Councils employees against the wages paid to Mayors; Deputy Mayors and Councillors within the Council Categories.

Wage increases are reflective of each of the individual negotiations; activity of members and the willingness and ability of Councils to reward their employees. Many members through this process have kept their conditions and received wage increase despite claims by the LGAQ that it couldn’t be done.

However there are still members waiting for wage increases in the fight to keep their conditions and when you consider that the Mayors and Councilors were awarded a wage increase of 2.3% from 1/7/2015 it seems only fair that these workers should receive a wage increase too.


As union members you are not alone. There are other members in your workplace and your united voice can create change as we have seen through The Take The Steps campaign.

If your Council is yet to pay an interim wage increase contact your local Workplace Delegate or Organiser to find out how you can campaign in your workplace to achieve an interim wage increase.

Not a member then now is the time to join. The Reserve Bank in commenting about wages growth identified a decease in unionism in workplaces as a result in low wage outcomes. It is clear that to achieve decent wage outcomes and conditions, employees need to be part of the collective in their workplace.


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