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One Nation’s Domestic Violence Policy ‘Keeping Families Connected’ demands equal access to children for both parents, even if one of them is perpetrating violence.

The policy is the opposite of keeping families connected!

The Services Union has been advocating for improved Domestic and Family Violence policies in Queensland workplaces and believes the One Nation policy is abhorrent as it does not spare one single thought for victims.

One Nation’s dangerous policy will promote the rights of violent perpetrators over the rights of children and their partners to be safe in their own home and in their workplaces.

They do not want courts to take into account Domestic Violence Orders when awarding custody to parents.

They believe victims of domestic violence should have documented medical records of their injuries.

Even the LNP has slammed this policy with Opposition Family Violence spokesperson Ros Bates condemning it!

But what has Tim Nicholls said about it during the election campaign?

That’s right – NOTHING!

Unions are campaigning to seek progress on Domestic and Family Violence Policy!

The Palaszczuk Government has been pro-active in this space and last year introduced nation-leading domestic violence prevention legislation, incorporating paid leave to help workers experiencing family violence get the assistance they need.

Queensland was the very first State in Australia to pass this important legislation!

Unions have been and will continue to campaign to expand these provisions to all workplaces in the Queensland and the rest of Australia.

Watch the latest video by the Australian Unions here.

It’s important we continue our campaign to ensure all Queenslanders have access to Domestic and Family Violence Leave and that this leave also becomes part of our national Employment Standards can continue.

One Nation’s calls for change to these laws would put this real progress in jeopardy – something children and women unfortunately in domestic violence situations cannot risk when people who are thinking of voting for One Nation go to the ballot box on 25 November 2017.

On White Ribbon Day on 25 November 2017 when you cast your vote at the ballot box – think about this question.

Who is it you are really voting for and will they stand up for children and victims of domestic violence?

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