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The Queensland Election – Jobs and Public Assets Versus Cut, Sack & Sell

The Queensland Election – Jobs and Public Assets Versus Cut, Sack & Sell

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The Queensland Election has been called for 25 November 2017 and you will have an opportunity to stand up for good jobs and public ownership of our assets at the polling booth!

If you are NOT enrolled or you need to update your details – now is the time to do so.

You can do this easily online by visiting the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) at

Creating Real Change!

Since the last State Election in 2015, The Services Union has not stopped campaigning to achieve Real Change! Congratulations to all our Workplace Delegates and members who have worked hard to protect Queensland assets and made sure working conditions are protected and restored.

The Palaszczuk Government delivered on its promises to our members during their first term and together we have:

  • Stopped the sale of our State’s assets. Queensland with its state owned electricity had the lowest increase in residential electricity prices in 2017-18 compared with SA, NSW, ACT and VIC which all privatised their electricity assets;
  • Restored rights for local government workers including restoring sick leave and annual leave;
  • Invested in community services and a moved towards five year funding cycles;
  • Legislated Domestic and Family Violence Leave for Local Government workers;
  • Introduced a Pro Queensland Purchasing Policy;
  • Invested in more frontline service workers;
  • Improved workplace laws and backed worker rights on issues such as penalty rates and abuses by labour hire companies; and
  • Strengthened safety at work including the introduction of anti-bullying laws for local government, social and community service industry workers.

This is a long list of achievements which we are proud of and which will continue to grow if we keep a steady and stable Queensland Government.

It’ll Be Grim Under Tim!

In power, the Newman and Nicholls Government focused on selling our assets, removing rights at work, cutting our jobs and our frontline community services.

For all his talk about the cost of living, Tim Nicholls’ agenda of privatisation and cuts will only force up cost of living including electricity prices for all working Queenslanders.

We want to work with a Queensland Government which is focused on growing good jobs and building thriving communities.

The Services Union will continue to fight for:

  • State owned assets;
  • Portable Entitlements  for community and disability sector workers;
  • A full funded National Disability Scheme;
  • Stable and secure jobs for our members in the Energy Sector and other Government Owned Corporations;
  • Stable and secure jobs in regional Queensland;
  • Safety at work; and
  • Fair and just working conditions and enterprise bargaining agreements.

Please ensure you are enrolled and your details are up-to-date by visiting the AEC today:

We were part of a movement who put a stop to the last LNP Government because of their anti –worker but pro big business agenda!

In this election, Don’t Risk Nicholls!

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