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QSU Governance

The Queensland Services, Industrial Union of Employees is an organisation registered pursuant to the Industrial Relations Act 2016 (QLD) and therefore is required to comply with the new disclosure provisions of that Act.

These credit card statements are published in compliance with the law. Their publication does not extend to further publication or use by a third party. Anyone accessing these details is expressly prohibited from further publication or distribution of content in whole or in part.

Inquiries regarding any aspect of the statements should be directed to the Secretary, Neil Henderson:

Please click on the links below to take you to the registers and disclosures for each year.


 2012/13 Retrospective Disclosures


 2013/14 Registers

2013-14 Mid-year financial disclosure Statement

2013-14 Annual Year Financial Disclosure Statement


2014/15 Registers

2014-15 Mid year Financial Disclosure Statement 07.01.15

2014/15 Annual Financial Disclosure Statement

2014/15 Financial Statements


2015/16 Registers

2015/16 Mid Year Financial Disclosure Statement 23.02.16

2015/16 Annual Financial Disclosure Statement

2015/16 Financial Statements


2016/17 Registers

2016-2017 QSU Signed Financial Statements




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